Erasmus+ activity: bilingualism

your P.E. teacher will ask you to complete a breakfast diary next week. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Read this text about the importance of breakfast:

Is it difficult for you to remember things for a test? Do you feel tired a lot of the time? Try eating breakfast!
According to research, eating a good breakfast can improve memory, concentration and test marks, especially in maths and reading. But improving schoolwork isn’t the only benefit. Breakfast eaters usually eat more fruit, drink more milk and eat a larger variety of food than non-breakfast eaters. This gives them more energy and helps Because of this research, many schools around the world give students breakfast. Everyone benefits from this. Teachers see a reduction in classroom disturbances, and students arrive at school on time and go to more lessons.

So tomorrow morning, take five minutes to eat breakfast before you leave the house. Eggs, cheese, milk, fruit and muesli are all good things to eat.  (Leave the crisps and biscuits in the cupboard!) Your body, your mind – and your teacher – will thank you!

Research = investigación
Non-breakfast eaters = las personas que no desayunan
Classroom disturbances = problemas en la clase

Now, find below some useful vocabulary about breakfast foods to complete your diary. Click the pictures to enlarge: