DAY 2 - VISIT TO Magna - Science Adventure Museum

DAY 2 - VISIT TO Magna - Science Adventure Museum
Eland Road & Red White Centre.

Raúl tell us about his impressions in this second day.
1. Firstly, we got up at 7.30 and we had breakfast.
We ate toasts and coffees.

 2.  Secondly, we met the children in the bus.

3. Thirdly, we went to the adventure science museum, and we visited different pavilions: Water and Fire.

 4. Moreover,  we gave energy bars to the teachers and students.
We made the energy bars in technology class (SPAIN).

 5.  Next, we visited the Elan Road (LEEDS UNITED).
This sculpture is dedicated to a famous soccer player.

6. We enjoyed an ice cream in the shopping centre.

7. Besides, we had dinner in a Italian Restaurant with our new friends from Italy and Slovenia.

8. Finally, we rehearsed an Extremenian song with the flute for the Friday´s show.


  1. Good report, Mr. Corrales. I see Armada in a good condition. Please add any pic of our Commander in Chief... you didn't appear in any of the pics...



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