Day 4 - Snowy Day in Leeds - Changing Plans

Day 4 - Snowy Day in Leeds - Changing Plans
Álvaro talks about fourth day

1. Snowy Day 
Firstly, when we got up, we saw that it was snowing.
After the breakfast, we went out and we did a snow battle.

2. Changing Plans
Secondly, we had a problem... The snow was so strong and the road was cut by the police, and still worst, the bus could not came to the hotel for take us to the aquarium and to the Xscape of Castleford. But we hang out for take a walk surrounding the river, and during it, we threw snow balls.

3. Go Shopping 
After the walking, we went shopping some gifts for our family.

4. Leeds Art Gallery
After  shopping, we went to the art gallery of Leeds to see some pictures, but there were few paintings. Besides, the snow had melted down by the temperature of the weather.

5. OXIGEN Free Jumping
In the afternoon, we went to an entertainment zone that has a lot of trampolines.
We did a lot of skills jumping on the trampolines.
We really enjoyed it.

7. Return hotel by Double Deker
For return to the hotel, we took a double decker, a kind of bus that has two floors.

 8. Lunch, Dinner & Birthday Party
For lunch, we went to an italian restaurant called Carluccio´s. We ate some exquisites plates.
For dinner, we went to a KFC, where we saw a very extravagant person, who danced and did jokes.
We celebrated a birthday in the hotel, because are the birthdays of Eva and Valeria, the teachers of Slovenia.


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