Day 3 - Visit The Zone and Playing Bowling

Day 3 - Visit The Zone and Playing Bowling
Javi explains this amazing day in Leeds

In the coach
Firstly, in the bus, the teachers talked to us because they wanted us to speak English with the students from other countries and we changed ours bus places to talk with them.


Secondly, we went to The Zone, it's a place where you can do different activities and sports.

1. Dance

2. Soccer


 3. Rugby

4. Parachute Games

5. Playground

5. Bowling


Thirdly, we went to a bowling alley, the students and teachers played too and we made six groups.

6. Sunset - weather
Besides, today the weather was perfect, we had a sunny day.

 7. Dinner with Slovenian Students
In the end, we had a conversation about our countries with our Slovenian friends. 


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